Poker Chips

Isn’t it about time you splurged on yourself and got that poker chip set that you’ve always dreamed of? Now is a great time to show off to all your friends and impress them with a high-quality set of poker chips, just like the ones the pros use in casinos.

Here at World Poker Supplies we offer a full line of poker chips in both wooden and aluminum cases.  All our poker chip sets contain 500 chips, 2 decks of poker cards, a dealer button, and a beautiful poker chip case to hold everything!

So, go ahead and take a look at the various poker chip sets below and you’ll be dealing in no time.  Of course, if you need a nice poker table, we have those as well.  For those of you that really want something special, we also offer custom poker chips.  With our customization program we can print just about any graphic you want on both the front and back of the poker chips.  You are only limited by your imagination.  Simply give us a call and we can get your order started.

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